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As with most activities, play has its own set of rules.  When parents, professionals and other caregivers learn to work with these rules of play, many children who do not play can learn how to play.  The aim of this manual is to make explicit the purpose and benefits of play and how caregivers can sequentially, support the development of a child’s play. $15.00.

Often purchased with the Curative Language Skills Handbook. 

When a Child Does Not Play

  • The essential ‘Why and How’ manual to develop the play of children (Age 4-6+): 

    When a child does not play - is a 10-section e-manual of play strategies to teach the caregiver skills and provide activities for the caregiver and child to do together.  Appropriate for caregivers of children 4-6, and much older when a child is developmentally delayed and continues not to play. 33 Pages. 

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