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Finally, after years of research, Sleep Remedies for Children. These are not substances but rather, recommendations for how to support sleep. The 15-page E-manual discusses helping your child up to age 9, create a healthy relationship to the sleep experience  honors the developmental stages, abides by the science data, supports the physical, emotional & adheres to the spiritual forces. The booklet discusses how your child sleeps, the science of sleep and the spiritual understanding and treatment of sleep. A bonus, Sleep Hygiene, talk to teens is included.


This is the only Sleep Series that utilizes scientific data, adheres to the spiritual forces and honors the true developmental stages of our children. The nightly listening to an age-appropriate recording and its remedies therein, have a cumulative positive effect on falling asleep, staying asleep and awakening refreshed, with improved mood and learning from yesterday solidified. 



Be sure to download the complementary audio also in the shop. This developmentally designed story is a bedtime story. A dreamy connection with the spirit and mineral world with an emphasis on metabolic system, limbs and supporting doing.

Sleep Remedies for Children, Electronic Booklet

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