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Dr Julia A.

Doctor of Psychology
Psychotherapist & Life Coach
Author - Psychotherapy Tales, Series
Presenter - U.S. & Abroad
Creator - The EBIPS Parenting App

Hello and a warm welcome to my site. I am Dr Julia, director of Creative Therapies. Over thirty years I have developed and fine-tuned a unique, whole-child approach to child therapy in which, unlike traditional child therapy, you are also involved through a weekly phone call about your child's session, to discuss strategies, techniques and to receive answers to your questions and concerns.

What do you do when your child is uncooperative, throwing tantrums or physically aggressive?

Most of you have reasoned, yelled, created and reworked numerous behavioral charts. You have tried rewarding, punishing and many admit to resorting to aggression. The ongoing challenges leave you frustrated, ashamed and both you are your child are on high alert and desperately unprepared for the next time.

Many of you report seeing a therapist who offers traditional strategies yet has not provided the results necessary for you to feel successful and your child to flourish.

Every child at each developmental stage is different and additionally, many children also carry a history of trauma or neurodiversity to add to their unique needs along with their strengths.


I specialize in child development with a particular interest in neuroscience. I can work with your child and teach you 'what to do and say' and 'when to do and say it.'

Help is here. Reclaim your hopes and dreams of how you imagined your family life to be. I offer a 15-minute free consultation to discuss the next step.

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